6 Month Supply: Buy 5 Bottles, Get 3 FREE – 192 QT Booty® Pills, (72 Pills FREE) – “No Strings Attached” – One Time Purchase

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  • You will receive 8 Bottles in total. At 24 QT Booty® Pink Capsules per bottle, this is a 6 Month Supply, a total of 192 QT Booty®Pills (72 FREE) when taken Daily at Just 1 QT Booty® Pink Capsule Per Day!
  • QT Booty® The First Natural Weight Loss Aid Made Only for a Younger Woman’s Very Special Occasions When You MUST Look Hot!
  • Only QT Booty® is The First to be Made Radically Different  for a Younger Woman’s Very Special Occasions when you MUST Look Hot!
  • One Time Purchase. No commitment. No obligation to buy more. Your credit card will NEVER be charged again!