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“Many Younger Women Let the Opportunity of a Lifetime Slip Through Their Fingers – and They Live to Regret It”

If you, in honest time with yourself,

    • feel uncomfortable going swimming in front of other people
    • feel nervous about being seen by other people without a shirt on in public
    • feel unhappy about shopping and fitting rooms
    • feel anxious what other people think about your booty, belly and love handles
    • worry about fitting into your wedding dress on your wedding day
    • worry about other people seeing ugly back fat on your strapless wedding dress on your wedding day
    • worry about fitting into your skinny jeans when you wake up in the morning
    • feel too shy to go out to house parties or bars because of the way you look
    • worry about being “left behind” where “all the good guys are already taken”
    • feel nervous when you think about the quality of your future marriage prospects
    • feel your “clock ticking”
    • fear your current boyfriend is losing interest in bed
    • feel loss when you think about “that hot guy who got away”
    • feel insecure around “skinny girls”
    • feel bitter around “skinny girls”
    • feel unhappy about women who get attention – even after 30 and a baby
    • feel frustrated stuck with your current man
    • feel greedy for the attention of older established men to spoil you with “the finer things in life” before you get too old and miss out
    • feel indifferent and “nothing at all” when your current man tries to get sexual with you
    • feel frustrated “settling” for the current type of guys who are approaching you right now at school, bars, parties, or work
    • feel disgust when you talk to “boys” your age
    • feel excited when you see a handsome man on the street or on TV
    • feel sexy if you could walk down the street and still turn guys heads because you look great in yoga pants
    • feel intrigued by interesting older men you are meeting at work or on “business trips”
    • feel lustful for another man in your life who makes you hot when you are alone thinking about him
    • feel dread because you are waiting and waiting for Mr. Right to walk through the door – and he’s not coming
    • feel ready to “meet new people” and “try new things”
    • feel desperate to “try anything” to lose weight for good
  • feel “fed up” because you deserve better in life and you only live once

Then we’d like you to have QT Booty®*.


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